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Fire protection plans for urban/bushland
interface residential properties

While idyllic for most of the year, living in a bushland setting can be dangerous at the peak of the bushfire season.

The key to survival is planning: is your home defendable against bushfire attack? Will you stay to defend your home, or leave early while it's still safe to travel on roads in the area?

A simple plan to prepare your home to withstand bushfire and the action to be taken by the family when threatened could be the difference between life and death.

idyllic bushland setting
fuel on the ground that contributes to extreme fire behaviour Of all the elements that contribute to bushfire severity:
  • temperature
  • relative humidity
  • wind
  • fuel
  • slope
  • aspect
fuel is the only element that can be managed.

Dealing with the bushfire fuel on your land is a vital part of your survival plan.
In the report of the Inquests into the 1997 Dandenong Ranges fires, State Coroner Graeme Johnstone recommends that "Individual home-owners should be encouraged to undertake a detailed professional risk assessment on their property."

Community Safety Services' John Nicholson will carry out a fire risk assessment of your property, then help you develop your bushfire survival plan based on the risk assessment.

Don't despair, bushfire is both predictable and survivableContact John for more information on preparing your bushfire survival plan.

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